Spot the irony: Palestine strikes a gas deal with Israel. Whaurs yer BDS noo ?

Activist groups like the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) behave in a manner far more ‘Palestinian’ than that of the ‘Palestinians’ themselves. While their futile boycott, disinvestment and sanctions strategies (BDS) continue to lose jobs for Palestinians in the West Bank and create new jobs for Israelis in Israel instead, the Palestinian leadership now actively encourages commercial links with Israel. What an unfortunate state of affairs for Mick Napier, his SPSC, and his bright-eyed, keffiyeh clad acolytes.

First we have, for example, Unilever moving its Bagel Factory from the West Bank to the ancient Jewish town of Safed in the Northern District of Israel, and the Swedish Mul-T-Lock firm (Assa Abloy) following suit and moving to Yavneh in the Israeli Central District – jobs, jobs, and jobs again for Israelis – and now we have a massive natural gas deal between the Palestine Authority’s electric company and the Israeli Leviathan group.

What has gone wrong with the BDS strategy? Whaurs yer BDS noo ?

Yes! the first buyer of natural gas from Israel’s largest gas field will be the Palestine Power Generation Company (PPGC), which will buy around $1.2-billion worth of gas over 20-years. The Israeli Leviathan Group (part owned by big the Delek Group in Israel) will sell the PPGC, which supplies power to Palestinian areas in the West Bank, as much as 4.75-billion cubic metres of gas when the Leviathan product begins to flow in 2016 or 2017.

The Palestinian company aims to build a $300-million power plant in the West bank city of Jenin to produce electricity from the gas. More jobs for Israelis given this new BDS busting commercial policy?

Furthermore… the Israeli Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalom has recently travelled to Jordan to promote a gas deal there. (You will know Jordan of course. This was the first of the Arab Palestines to be created between 1922 and 1946). There are also plans to export to Europe and Turkey and Egypt.

Ouch SPSC!!! Ouch!!!… and again Ouch!!!