Daesh, Hamas, Fatah… if not Hezbollah… What do they have in common? They are all fascists

Cometh the hour, cometh the man, and it was the UK parliamentarian Hilary Benn who in December 2015 at last spelt out the moral responsibility to combat fascism in the Middle East. Benn referred to homosexuals being thrown from buildings, the destruction of cultural heritage, mass graves, sex slavery, and murder. He described how our values, tolerance, decency and democracy were held in contempt. Daesh*, he said, are fascists, and fascists must be fought.

While his words gave us focus on Daesh they can equally help us focus on the fascism of the Palestinian leaderships, militant groups, and among large swathes of the general population of the various Palestines (i.e. Hamas-Gaza-Palestine; Fatah-West-Bank-Palestine; and, King-Abdullah-Jordan-Palestine). Indeed, in throwing homosexuals from buildings, Daesh was copying the actions of Hamas in Gaza when they dispatched large numbers of opponents from tall buildings in the entity in the first few days after its election victory there.

The modern State of Israel has been fighting the fascism of Palestinian leaderships for decade after decade.

Fascism lives among elites and among the general population. Their fascism is destructive, and lives in the media, in mosques and in religious study-centres (madrassas). It creates a narrative that refers to the Shoah (the Holocaust) and to how 6,000,000 dead is an exaggeration if not a hoax (the gist of the doctoral thesis written by Mahmoud Abbas in Russia during the Soviet era).

The figure of Adolf Hitler figures large in the modern Palestinian narrative. They boast that they are sorry that Hitler didn’t finish his task, and how they will. All of this is woven into a distorted Palestinian world view and pseudo-historical narrative. In this revised narrative, Jewish presence never existed in the region.

Admiring references to Hitler’s Third Reich can be found in Muslim media, book-shops, and the internet right across the Arab world. Indeed, that Hitler found a key ally in the Holy Land is a historical truth. This ally was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Amin al-Husseini – the man spotlighted by Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this year.

The Grand Mufti had been glorified by the German press as ‘the fuhrer of the Middle East’ when he visited Berlin in 1941. Al-Husseini organised a Muslim SS Battalion that slaughtered 90% of Bosnia’s Jews and made broadcasts to the Middle East urging Muslims to honour Allah by implementing their own Final Solution. Yasser Arafat, the founder of the PLO (you know… the great Palestinian… born in Egypt), was the Grand Mufti’s nephew and admirer.

The leaderships of the various ‘Palestines’ of Gaza and the West Bank are locked into a struggle for control over their peoples, and while they agree on very little they each fly the fascist flag, so to speak. As described above, the President in the Fatah-West-Bank-Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, completed his doctoral dissertation in Russia (at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and published it in 1984 under the title, ‘The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism’. He claimed that 6,000,000 Jewish deaths at the hands of the Nazis is ‘a gross exaggeration’.

Then there is Hamas…  Hamas is an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 by schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna, who modelled his organisation on Mussolini’s bully-boys and Hitler’s brown-shirts. The Hamas founder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, an admirer of Hitler, was also inspired by Izz al-Din al-Kassam whose followers killed Jews during the 1936-1939 Uprising – during the British period – and then joined the Grand Mufti in providing the Nazi-Germans with Middle Eastern operatives during World War II. Some of today’s militants in Gaza name their rocketry after al-Kassam – the Kassam or Qassam missiles.

Indeed, the Hamas founding charter (1988) relies heavily on the distortions and untruths of the proven hoax called the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’. It is a charter that could have been written by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and any number of Austrian, Polish or Russian anti-Semites.

Unfortunately, there is never any real analysis of Palestinian society or its fascist ideologies, or any profiles of armed fascist Palestinian groups, or investigations into the Palestinian government (Mahmoud Abbas is still President in West-Bank-Palestine 6-years after the end of his term, 2005-2009… and since the Hamas election victory in Gaza in 2006 there has been no other election victory celebration there).

One person who has offered analysis of the Hamas leadership in Gaza is Suha Arafat. Last November (2014), on the tenth anniversary of her husband’s death, she expressed dismay at Hamas, and how the terror group had attacked Fatah leaders and buildings after its takeover of the Gaza Strip. Further, she said that Hamas was ruining the futures of Gaza youth, and committing ‘genocide’ upon its own people. The Hamas-generation has grown up with violence, without education, and with emigration as their only hope.

Other analysis has come from Bassem Eid, the founder and former director of the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG). Eid is an advocate for peace with Israel, and a critic of terrorism and is part of the ‘Stop the Boycott’ movement.

Eid also reminds us of the statistics of the suffering brought upon Gaza-Palestine by Hamas and other terror groups and their affiliated Rocket Brigades: how some 5 million tons of rubble remains in Gaza; how 200,000 workers have lost their means of employment; how 80% of the Gazan people are surviving on welfare; how 40% of Gazans are living below poverty lines; and, how 22,000 Gazans are homeless.

He reminds us too how none of this is Israel’s fault and how the responsibility for the fate of Gaza-Palestine lies with its government – Hamas… not Israel.

We should all be reminded that Daesh, Hamas, Fatah, if not Hezbollah too, all have something in common. They are all fascists. Israel knows this, we should too.

*Daesh…: An acronym for the Arabic phrase al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or ISIS or ISIL. The word ‘Daesh’ is preferred by many because it is similar to the Arabic words ‘Daes’, ‘one who crushes something underfoot’ and ‘Dahes’, translated as ‘one who sows discord’.



Syrian gas attacks: nut-job George Galloway claims it was Israel wot dun it

As the days tick by after the missile-borne gas-attacks on Syrian citizens – many victims of which have been children – and allegedly carried out by the government of Bashar Hafez al-Assad, an audible silence can be heard from the political Left in the UK and across continental Europe. You’d have to be a Palestinian, it would appear, for north European activists to be really concerned about deaths in the Middle East. Better still, a Palestinian baby killed by an Israeli soldier – that really would get them going. Several hundreds of dead Syrians killed by their own government… nah… not worth the candle or sweat of getting out in front of the embassy.

Of course, there has been a history of gushing reverence for the Presidential pair, doubtless based on the credentials of the western education that both have undergone: he a postgraduate trainee in opthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital (early-1990s); and, she a graduate of King’s College London (1996,  bachelor’s degree in computer science and French literature). Indeed, hasn’t Asma al-Assad, the British-Syrian First Lady been described as the ‘Rose in the Desert’? This presumably referencing so-called progressive positions on women’s rights and education, and her participation in anti-poverty and social programmes.

Far from coming out into the streets in front of the Syrian embassies though, the Left has a different angle… well… not so different really when you think about it. For, just as in the 1930s it was the Right that carried the anti-semitic torch, today in the 2010s it is the Left that is in the anti-semitic vanguard. George Galloway, the old Leftie fascist stalwart, has once again pinned his colours to the mast and claimed that if there had been a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria, the most likely culprit was not the regime of President Assad, but rather either the rebels or al-Qaeda using munitions supplied by Israel. He added too that, if there had been a use of chemical weapons, it was al-Qaeda that used the chemical weapons, and that, if asked, his theory would be that it was Israel that gave them the chemical weapons.

So George, yep, say it twice, then it must be true. Off stage we can only imagine the rabid among the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign frothing and choking in support of Galloway.

Eat against fascism… Buy Israeli products, boycott Palestinian produce!!

It is nearly March and on university campuses across the land it is time for the annual Israel-hate fest, otherwise known as Israel Apartheid Week (IAW). On the central campus in Edinburgh, the rather cheap looking posters proclaiming this event, and slapped across lampposts and bins (best place for them, bins), have in many cases been part-ripped or scratched over. In Aberdeen, the local web-based ‘Aberdeen Voice’ has carried a media clip profiling the event – the title of the tawdry piece being ‘Roadmap to Apartheid’. In Edinburgh, IAW has coincided with the appearance in the city of the play, ‘My name is Rachel Corrie’.

The preamble to the clip that appears on the ‘Aberdeen Voice’ states that ‘Palestinians feel that they are living in an apartheid system today’. Well… correct me if I am wrong… but ‘feeling’ that something is the case, doesn’t MAKE it the case.

As ever the content, on dissection, offers the usual mix of crude propaganda, hypocrisy and cynical manipulation. It offers clips showing  – in quite large part – conditions in the former Apartheid South Africa and provides erratically chosen clips of life in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and with Goebbels-like editing, the viewer is supposed to make comparisons between former South Africa and life in these territories today. The idea being that you get so upset about Israel that you stop buying its produce and using its services, and want to boycott it. If you get upset about Hamas and Fatah instead  – the fascist organisations that ACTUALLY  control the daily lives of Palestinians and which have denied the people elections for over 7-years  – then you’d be seriously off-message and Israel Apartheid Week would have failed.

To counter the malicious hate-fest, and the at times crude anti-semitic nature of IAW, perhaps it is time there was an Arab Apartheid Week as well. It wouldn’t be hard to find a focus. Try Lebanon for example. In Lebanon, Palestinians have the special legal status of ‘foreign’. This status denies them access to health care, social services, property ownership and education. Indeed many jobs are closed to Palestinians: in public service for example, and in government institutions such as schools and hospitals. On a daily basis, Israel provides access to Palestinians for its emergency services and services offered by public hospitals… Not so in Lebanon where Palestinians are denied access to medical treatment or surgery. In Lebanon, Palestinians have to rely on the health and educational services offered by the UN/UNRWA.

Then there is Kuwait. This little country, rescued by an international military force a few years ago, has 300,000 bedouin residents who are denied citizenship and the right to vote. And there are Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates too… there, thousands of children are born every year and they are denied citizenship simply because their parents are not citizens. In large part, these parents are immigrants from South Asia with no rights whatsoever, but they keep their ‘host’ countries running.

My own answer to IAW is to boycott Palestinian produce. For me, olives, olive-oil and other produce from ‘Zaytoun’ is out. I am going to eat against fascism and buy Israeli produce where possible.

UK Holocaust Memorial Day and remarks by David Ward (Liberal Democrat MP)

Sunday 27 January 2013 was Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK.  The day has been marked in the UK since January 2001 and the date chosen is the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz (Oświęcim, in modern Poland) by the Red Army of the former USSR. Events of the 2013 Memorial Day were marred by remarks made by David Ward (MP for Bradford East). At the beginning of Memorial weekend he said that he was ‘saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza’.

Although the Liberal Democratic leadership (Nick Clegg) criticised David Ward, another Lib Dem, Chris Davies (Liberal Democrat MEP for the North-West of England),  was quick to come to his defence. Davies had himself said in 2006 that he had visited Auschwitz in 2005 and it had been ‘very difficult to understand why those whose history is one of such terrible oppression appear not to care that they have themselves become oppressors’.

Although Ward was said to have apologised for his remarks, one wonders if either men – Ward in 2013 and Davies in 2006 – had really thought before opening their mouths in the first place. For a start, Ward talks of ‘persecution during the Holocaust’. But, European Jewry was hardly ‘persecuted’ – it was all but exterminated. We are talking about six million people – including 1,500,000 children. Families, neighbours, friends, colleagues, babies, toddlers, young mothers and teenagers were beaten, starved, humiliated and murdered simply because they were Jewish. Can either men honestly compare the treatment of Palestinians by Israel to that experienced by Jews under Nazi Germany or under Nazi clients elsewhere. Do the Jews herd Palestinians into buildings and set them on fire?  Do they throw babies and children alive and conscious into crematoria and fires?  Do they bury Palestinians alive?  Do they burn Palestinians with caustic quicklime?  Do they rip open the bellies of pregnant women and otherwise disfigure them? Conduct medical experiments on Palestinians?  Kill children with pitchforks? Tie children together then throw them into the river to drown? Hang Palestinians in the streets?

Ward also talks of the State of Israel having inflicted ‘atrocities’ against people who identify themselves as Palestinians, but this is the untruthful language of primitive propaganda and incitement. By drawing comparisons between the State of Israel’s attempts to protect and defend its citizens from the murderous racial hatred directed towards them from fascist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah and wholesale, industrial and deliberate mass murder on an unimaginable scale, Ward manages to both belittle the Holocaust and to libel the modern day survivors of the Holocaust.

As a Liberal Democrat, Ward and his crony Davies would be better served incessantly and savagely attacking these aforementioned fascist groups, and other medieval terror organisations groups across North Africa and the Middle East, who kill and mame their political opponents, condone the honour killing of women and teenage girls, oppress homosexuals, and find it quite acceptable to publish anti-semitic constitutions.