Israel and Clackmannanshire

A bit of nonsense has emerged in the micro-Council of Clackmannanshire in central Scotland which, across its four wards of Central, North, South, East and West, and among its 18 Councillors, something of a bash-Israel-fest has emerged. With the political balance in the Council being pretty well equal (Labour versus SNP) with 8 SNP, 8 Labour, and one Councillor each for Conservative and Independent, it is not surprising that the Councillors feel they must outbid each other in extreme policies and viewpoints. However it might be interesting for local Clackmannanshire tax-payers to know that their Council Tax receipts are wasted on a Clackmannanshire foreign policy and debates and motions around such a policy!

It would be interesting for them to know too that the Clackmannanshire foreign policy – at least its anti-Israel policy – lacks integrity, honesty, and objectivity. One would hope that Clackmannanshire politics today will not serve as a model for those of an independent Scottish state.

Others have highlighted Clackmannanshire’s political shortcomings… and I repeat them here, following:

Clackmannanshire alleges that Israel’s presence in the West Bank including East Jerusalem amounts to ‘occupation’ and is illegal. To be deemed illegal however, something has to be breaking a law… so which law or laws is Israel breaking? Which law or laws passed by which jurisdiction has/have superseded the Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty of 1994?

Clackmannanshire alleges that East Jerusalem belongs to Palestine. However, it would be interesting to know which law or laws enacted, and by which jurisdiction, and on what date, this right or title was conferred?

Clackmannanshire alleges that Israel’s ‘blockade of Gaza’ is illegal, but, again, it would be good to know under which law or laws enacted by which jurisdiction and on what date? In any case, what sort of ‘blockade’ of Gaza sees 25,000-30,000 tonnes of food, medicines, building materials and other products cross from Israel into that entity every week? Indeed… more on this ‘blockade’ fantasy: thousands of Gazan citizens cross into Israel every day for work and medical treatment which their own fascist government is unable or unwilling to provide (although it is happy to spend millions of dollars of international aid on rockets and missiles).

In addition, Clackmannanshire alleges that Israel is an apartheid state. It would be good though to have some substantiation of this. For example: Is there racial/religious segregation in public transport, education, medical treatment, public eating places, shops, local and national government ? I think that is a ‘no’. Are people barred by their ethnicity from certain jobs and professions, and if so, which? Again… ‘no’ should do it. Are they barred by their ethnicity from holding high office in industry, commerce, the professions, public service, in local and national government ? Hmmm… ‘no’ again I think.

Maybe the good ‘burgher’s of Clackmannanshire will be ‘up’ for explaining their definition of ‘apartheid’ and for providing examples of where and how this is found in Israeli society?

aybe the good ‘burghers’ should ask themselves how their foreign policy debates and motions benefit those whom they have been elected to serve (I wonder what their policy on Tamil Eelam is?… or on Tibet perhaps?… bet they don’t have one!)

Maybe the good ‘burghers’ could let us all know how their Council intends to implement policies which will deprive Israel of political or economic support, and how these actions will benefit those whom they have been elected to serve.