New Middle East balance: Israel with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan

The Saudi Arabian king joins a growing number of prominent Arab politicians and diplomats who have lined up to condemn the Hamas – the fascist terror group that governs Gaza-Palestine. Last Friday, read out on state television, a statement by the sickly 90-year old King Abdullah said that in their war against Israel the Hamas had ‘distorted the image of Islam with its purity and humanity and smeared it with all sorts of bad qualities by their actions, injustice and crimes’.

In the decades long conflict between Arabs and ha-yishuv (the Jews of pre-state Israel) and later on the State of Israel itself, no country has been more consistently opposed to the a sovereign Jewish presence in the region than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which had been founded only in 1923 by King Abdullah’s grandfather Ibn Saud. This recent condemnation of the Hamas therefore – a group sworn to destroy that sovereign Jewish state – ought to be regarded as a shift in Middle East politics of seismic proportion. Even more remarkable was the fact that, while condemning the consequences of the war which had been ‘devastating’ to Palestinians, he issued no demands on Israel.

As guardian of Islam’s holy places and the assumed leader of the entire Moslem world (though ISIS/ISIL would probably question that), King Abdullah did not call upon Israel to meet any Hamas demands. He made no calls for opening up the border between Gaza-Palestine and Israel/Egypt which is thought by many to be the primary strategic objective of this new war started by the Hamas.

King Abdullah’s statement is widely regarded across the Middle East and Arab states as a complete repudiation of the Hamas; an open disavowal of any common cause with the terror group. A day after the Saudi statement, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, said that a unique link had been forged with the states of the region which would be ‘a very important asset for the State of Israel. With the cessation of the fighting and the conclusion of the campaign, this will open new possibilities for us’.

Manipulated by the Hamas propaganda machinery, and slavering over the body count in Gaza-Palestine however, the Western media has largely overlooked the King’s condemnation and seems to be still committed to telling the decades-old narrative about Israel being the enemy of a united Arab world.

The BBC and others like to tell us how hugely Israel benefits from US arms sales. But then, these sales pale into insignificance when compared to US sales to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. Together, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt will create a significant challenge to Iranian-inspired instability in the region.


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