Israel and its battle with EU double standards

Although Israel has a very significant relationship with the European Union (EU) amounting almost to full co-operation through participation in EU programmes, when it comes to the Israeli presence in the West Bank, and its administration of the entity, the EU and its Baroness Ashton, High Representative for EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, become a bit snooty… if not hypocritical, riven with double standards, and a certain bias against Israel.

It appears that it is OK, fine and just dandy, to sign a fishing deal between the EU and Morocco which applies beyond Morocco’s internationally recognised borders and taking in the territory of Western Sahara which has been occupied by Morocco since its invasion of the territory in 1975 (remember that war involving the Polisario Front anybody???). So, why then is it not an application of double standards when the EU excludes Jewish communities in Israeli-administered West Bank from EU trade agreements?

The EU appears to believe that the Israeli presence in the West Bank is a unique situation in the world, when clearly it is not. Indeed, the status of the the West Bank and that of the Western Sahara is actually very similar. Neither entity existed as a state prior to the presence of Israelis and Moroccans in each.

Then of course, there is Northern Cyprus! More EU and Ashton double standards! The EU gives grants and investment and funding to Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus. In fact the EU has also concluded an agreement with Armenia which occupies Nagorno-Karabakh.



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