Syrian gas attacks: nut-job George Galloway claims it was Israel wot dun it

As the days tick by after the missile-borne gas-attacks on Syrian citizens – many victims of which have been children – and allegedly carried out by the government of Bashar Hafez al-Assad, an audible silence can be heard from the political Left in the UK and across continental Europe. You’d have to be a Palestinian, it would appear, for north European activists to be really concerned about deaths in the Middle East. Better still, a Palestinian baby killed by an Israeli soldier – that really would get them going. Several hundreds of dead Syrians killed by their own government… nah… not worth the candle or sweat of getting out in front of the embassy.

Of course, there has been a history of gushing reverence for the Presidential pair, doubtless based on the credentials of the western education that both have undergone: he a postgraduate trainee in opthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital (early-1990s); and, she a graduate of King’s College London (1996,  bachelor’s degree in computer science and French literature). Indeed, hasn’t Asma al-Assad, the British-Syrian First Lady been described as the ‘Rose in the Desert’? This presumably referencing so-called progressive positions on women’s rights and education, and her participation in anti-poverty and social programmes.

Far from coming out into the streets in front of the Syrian embassies though, the Left has a different angle… well… not so different really when you think about it. For, just as in the 1930s it was the Right that carried the anti-semitic torch, today in the 2010s it is the Left that is in the anti-semitic vanguard. George Galloway, the old Leftie fascist stalwart, has once again pinned his colours to the mast and claimed that if there had been a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria, the most likely culprit was not the regime of President Assad, but rather either the rebels or al-Qaeda using munitions supplied by Israel. He added too that, if there had been a use of chemical weapons, it was al-Qaeda that used the chemical weapons, and that, if asked, his theory would be that it was Israel that gave them the chemical weapons.

So George, yep, say it twice, then it must be true. Off stage we can only imagine the rabid among the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign frothing and choking in support of Galloway.


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