Israel – an apology – small price to pay for bigger stuff

Many in Israel must be wondering why Benjamin Netanyahu – the Israeli PM –  recently apologised to the Turkish state for the deaths of nine Turkish activists on board the ‘Mavi Marmara’ in 2010… you know… the vessel that sailed towards Gaza with the intention of breaking a naval blockade designed to stop explosives and armaments reaching terrorist groups in the coastal entity which is currently controlled by a fascist government (that of Hamas) voted in the by the people of Gaza.

This blog is curious why the Israeli government apologised for something it had no real need to apologise for: the so-called charity organisation (IHH) which bought the ship has affiliations with fascist Hamas and fascist Hezbollah; the activists were not out for a picnic; the vessel refused to sail to Ashdod in Israel so that its cargo could be checked (and then trucked to Gaza); and, many of the activists were armed, hence the violence from the IDF which led to the deaths.

Let’s look at this Turkish state for a moment. This is the same state that refuses to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide (what Armenians call the ‘Great Crime’) of 1915. Between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 people were killed in this genocide which the Turkish government refuses to acknowledge. This is the same state that occupied the northern coasts and the northern hinterland of Cyprus in 1974 and proceeded to evict forever the Greek population of the northern part of the island, which in turn led to evictions of ethnic Turks from southern areas.  Turkey also bolstered the Turkish population with some of its own people, and some 35,000 Turkish troops – an occupying force some might argue.

One wonders if there are bigger things afoot in the region…  after all this ‘apology’ has come hot on the heels of a ‘peace’ offered by the Kurdish PKK… there are reports now of the shooting of Bashar al-Assad in Syria… there is need for a new balance to off-set Iran/Hezbollah…

Will we see a new Kurdistan emerge in northern Syria? Will we see a Turkey-Israel-Azerbaijan triangle emerge to contain Iran?

All very exciting stuff… An apology is a small price really… especially if deep down you know it’s just words and that you don’t mean it at all.


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